An Introduction To Linux

An Introduction To Linux

Linux is one of the most famous versions of the well known UNIX operating system. This system is free to use and being an open source program, its source codes are freely accessible. The functionality list of Linux is very much similar to that of UNIX as it is designed to meet UNIX compatibility.

Various components of Linux System:

  1. Kernel: It is one of the core parts of Linux and takes responsibility for almost all major activities that are held inside this operating system. Kernel is composed of many small or big modules and they directly make interactions with hardware. Note that, the kernel provides demanded abstraction level so that low level hardware details can be hidden to other application programs or system.
  1. System Library: These are special programs or features available inside Linux platform and with the help of these all application programs are able to access different features of Kernel. This collection of libraries help to implement almost all important functionalities of Operating System but they never need access rights of kernel’s code.
  1. System Utility: These system utility features or programs work for all specialized as well as individual level tasks.


Incredible features of Linux Operating System:

Linux is commonly used throughout the world and users prefer to install this operating system due to its so many interesting features. Some of these are discussed below:

  • Portable: The term portability means that such software can easily work on all types of hardware with the same features and abilities. Linux Kernel as well as its application programs, are able to work on all types of platforms and they can be installed in easily within a short time.
  • Open Source: As discussed above, the source code for the Linux system is easily available because it is a community based and useful development program. The capabilities of Linux are enhanced by continuous efforts of so many system designers, and these development teams are continuously working to improve its features and abilities.
  • Multi-User: This is one of the most interesting features of Linux where as compared to other available operating systems, probably only Linux allows multiple users to access all resources of the system like application programs, RAM, memory etc and at the same time without any trouble.
  • Multiprogramming: Linux Operating system allows a multiprogramming feature that means a number of programs can be run at the same time.
  • Hierarchical type file system: You will be glad to know that Linux provides standard type file structure where all users as well as system files are arranged in perfect order
  • Security: Users love to use Linux because of its high end security features it consists of so many authentication features like controlled access to files; password type protections as well as data encryption features are available.


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