Customising Kodi: Changing The Background Image

So you want to change the background image on your Kodi Media Centre?

Easy!. You can either watch the video above, or simply follow the steps below.

1 First thing we want to do, is to select an image that we wish to use as the background. It could be a family image, a personal picture, whatever you want. Once you have selected it, copy to the Desktop of your computer for easy use, or simply remember where the image is stored.

2 The next step, is to locate the media folder within Kodi. This is the default folder where the images for your Kodi background will be stored. Rather than search through your entire computer trying to find it, simply use the Windows search function to locate the folder. Press your Windows key, and in the magnifying glass image which is the search function, type the following: %APPDATA%\kodi\

When the search results appear, we want to select the file named media. We would now simply copy the desire image we wish to use as our background into the Kodi Media Folder.

3 Once you have copied over the image, open up Kodi Media Centre. When Kodi is open, select System from the Menu, and then choose Settings. Choose the Appearance Option, Then choose the Skin Settings Option. Choose the Background Option from the Menu.

Ensure that the Enable Custom Background option is enabled. A blue dot beside it means we have enabled it. You would now simply click on the Background Path option, and choose the image we selected earlier, and copy it over to the Kodi Media folder.

Thats it!. You now have your own personal image as your background within Kodi.

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