Day 1 of 7: How To Create a Retro Games Console on a Raspberry Pi

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since we last posted, but we’re back with an amazing tutorial on How To Create a Retro Games Console using the Raspberry Pi.

If your a regular Facebook user, you’ve no doubt seen numerous advertisements for the Retro Games Console, and whilst we also offer the fully operating Games Console for sale, we also want to share with you exactly how to create one for yourself.

We’re going to split the tutorial into 7 parts, one quick tutorial each day for you to work through at your own pace.



Day 1: Getting the Physical Items.


So you want to build your own Retro Games Console?, well lets get to it…


1-  A Raspberry Pi: This is the brains of the console, if you’ve never heard of a Raspberry Pi, its not something you eat, rather its a micro computer that we’ll be using to build our console. There are many versions out right now, but for our tutorial we’ll be using the very latest and up to date which is the Rapsberry Pi 3, Model B.



2-  A case for the Raspberry Pi: The Raspberry Pi comes ‘bare’ and we recommend purchasing a case to ensure your Pi stays clean and operating efficiently. There are loads to choose from, we’ve pictured one that we like to use but your free to choose your own.



3-  A power supply for the Raspberry Pi:

The Raspberry Pi is powered via a Micro USB cable, HOWEVER… We have found that using any old cable can cause problems. We have tried using old cables we have found around the house, but this has proven to be extremely problematic in regards to adequately powering the Pi.

The Pi Documentation states that the power requirements must be at minimum, 2.5A@5V.




4-  HDMI cable (Good Quality): To connect the Raspberry Pi to the Television you’ll require a decent HDMI cable, preferably one with gold connectors.

5-  32GB Micro SD Card– (Genuinely Branded), . The SD card is where we are going to store both our games, and also the program required to run the console (RetroPie). DON’T be tempted to go cheap on this option, there are plenty of sellers on Ebay and Amazon offering the real deal, but if you decide to go super cheap, don’t be surprised when, not if, it decides to stop working or doesn’t work at all.


6- Gamepad Controller. In order to actually play and interact with the games within the Retro Games Console, you’ll have to use a controller that is compatible with the Raspberry Pi and the program RetroPie. Fortunately, we have already sourced and tested some good quality GamePad Controllers.

We recommend a SNES type controller, but you can experiment with other USB controllers to see which you prefer, providing of course that they are compatible.

Retro Games Console USB GamePad controller

Once you have purchased and received all the above items, your ready to move on to Day 2 of 7: Downloading The Required Software





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