Day 2 of 7: How To Create a Retro Games Console on a Raspberry Pi

Welcome back!

Its Day 2, Step 2, of How To Create a Retro Games Console on Raspberry Pi.




(You must have a desktop/Laptop computer for the next stages. You will also require a way to install software on to your SD card. Recent computers should all have an SD card slot built in, but if they don’t you can purchase an external USB connectable SD card reader from a number of outlets.)

So with all our parts sourced, we can get into the ‘nitty gritty’ part of the Retro Games Console Tutorial. The software/programs that we require are all free and can be downloaded free from their respective websites. We have however provided links to them all, so simply go through each of the items and download to your computer.

1-  Retro Pi: You can download the latest Retropie version (4.3) from the official website here

Note: The type of file you are downloading is an ‘image file’, which we will be ‘installing’ on our SD card with the use of Win 32 Imaging Software (See Below).


2-  SD Card Format Software. You need the ability to format your SD card correctly. You can download the one we use from our website here.


3-  Windows Disc Imager: This is a tool that allows you to write images to an SD card, and in this case we’ll be using it to write the Retropie Software to the SD Card. You can download the software directly from our website here.


4-  ROMS/Games. Obviously, we need something to play on our Retro Games Console. There are loads of sites offering ROMS, but some are really REALLY bad quality so we recommend only sourcing the ROMS from the sites/sources we recommend.

Don’t worry too much about the games at this point, thats for later in the tutorial…

ROMS: Direct link to Games Website Here


That’s it for Day 2, Tomorrow we’ll look at actually putting everything together and beginning the setup phase of our Retro Games Console Tutorial.



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