Day 3 of 7: How To Create a Retro Games Console on a Raspberry Pi

Software Installation


Day 3: Create your own Retro Games Console...

Welcome Back!

So you should have by now, received all your physical items, and downloaded all the aforementioned software?

The next stage is pretty simple, next we need to install the software we have downloaded.



1-  Retro Pi:  Don’t worry about the RetroPie software just yet, we’ll get to that on Day 4!….


2-  SD Card Format Software. Go to the download file and follow on the on screen instructions to install the SD Card Formatting Software, once complete move on to the  WIN 32 Disc Imaging software….


3-  Windows 32 Disc Imager: As with the SD Card format Software, follow the on screen instructions to install the WIN 32 Disc Imaging Software.



All done?

We’re not rushing into things, so relax for now, Day 3 was a simple installation step in our Retro Games Console Tutorial. Tomorrow, we’ll begin by putting everything together and installing Retropie….

See you tomorrow!


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