Debian Operating System

A computer would only be a set of microchips and a blank screen without an operating system. The operating system provides a set of utilities that allow the computer to run different functions and programs. The most popular operating system is the Microsoft Windows. However, over time people have come up with other significant operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux and others. Different people have different needs; for example programs and software developers like using a command line operating system. One such operating system is the Debian.


Debian Desktop Screenshot

Pictured above is Screenshot of Debian ‘Desktop’.


What is Debian?

It is important to understand the concept behind software before we decide to use it. Many people end up being dissatisfied because they are not aware of the software they are buying. Therefore, before you consider using Debian, it is important you know what it actually is? Debian is a free operating system developed by the Debian Project. Debian Project is run by a group of individuals who had a common aim of developing a free operating system. Debian works using the Linux kernel. Linux is a popular command line OS preferred by programmers around the world. However, many find Linux hard to use because they have a misconception that it is all keyboard based. Debian is compatible with many types of computer architectures.

Should I Choose Debian?

Many people get sceptical about using Debian when they know it is free. They think why would someone spend so much time and energy on distributing something free to world? If you can’t decide about using Debian then consider the following benefits.

  • It is easy to install. People might have heard that Debian is difficult to install but they don’t know that the team constantly upgrades the software and installation process has become fairly easier.
  • Debian has a good packaging system. You won’t find software files cluttering your computer or a piece of software crashing your system.
  • Debian developers provide quick and quality support. The team is readily available to answer frequently asked questions and other complicated queries. Replies are usually provided within fifteen minutes. Plus, it is for free.
  • Debian is not the software used by specific or number of people. Many highly ranked organisations use Debian and have been generous enough to provide information on how and why they use it.
  • Debian has a set of efficiently integrated packages. You can find everything on a single platform as Debian is developed by a group of people who work on the same page.
  • It is easy and quick to get Debian upgrades. You can upgrade Debian from CDs or over the internet.
  • As mentioned before, Debian is highly compatible. It supports various CPU architectures.
  • Debian’s bug tracking system is publically available. The developers don’t hide that users can sometimes experience errors and encourage users to report them.
  • Debian provides security. Many people are unaware that data can be accessed easily by any source between you and the receiver. Users can send mail privately among each other because Debian uses GPG or PGP software.

It is important to convince your through correct information before you choose any product or service to use.

apps screenshot

Pictured above is ‘Apps’ installed within Debian.


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