Installing Kodi on Amazon Firestick

How To Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick. (For Complete Novices Who Have No Clue Whatsoever)

Welcome to the The Tech Soldier’s Tutorial, on How To Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick.

So you’ve succumbed to the latest craze, and gone and bought yourself an Amazon Firestick, but don’t want to pay anyone to load Kodi on to it.

Good!, because after this tutorial you’ll know exactly how to do it and wont need to pay anyone!. Please note, this video shows you how to install Kodi on the Firestick, but afterwards you will still have to set Kodi up in order to watch the latest Movies, TV Shows and Sports. Fear not, we have a tutorial for that too, just remember to watch it after this video…

A quick point to note before we begin; You must have an Amazon account registered before you begin the process. If you haven’t already, go to Amazon and sign up for an account (its free), and remember you’ll need a credit/debit card on file. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost anything and when I explain this to people they immediately ask why they need an account with a card registered..

The Amazon Firestick is exactly that, its an Amazon product which is designed to be used in conjunction with your Amazon account. The normal way to use it, is to sign up for Amazon’s prime time, which is around $100/£80 per year, and allows you to watch Movies etc from Amazon Prime’s library. Obviously we don’t want to use it for that, but now you know why an account with a card is required!

We offer to show you the process in 2 ways, the 1st is the tutorial video (below) which you can watch on your computer/laptop/phone whilst going through each of the steps. This is a good way as you can do the installation in real time, and can pause the video through each step if you wish.

The 2nd method is to follow the steps which are below the video, either way your still going to have Kodi installed on your Amazon Firestick come the end of the tutorial. So without wasting anymore time, lets jump straight in and get it done…



Step 1: Unbox your Firestick, put your batteries in the remote, connect all the cables and plug that firestick into the TV. After a few moments you’ll be asked to enter in your Amazon email address and password, enter this in and then move to Step 2.

Step 2: Once you are at the home screen, scroll down to the Settings option. Select it, and then scroll along to the System option. Select the System Option.

Step 3: Firstly, scroll down to the Network option, and enter in your Wifi Password. After this, scroll down again until you see the Developer Options menu. Enter Developer Option, and activate the option titled ‘Allow Apps From Unknown Sources‘. You want to switch this option to the ON position, a pop-up will appear asking you to validate your choice, select ok. The ON option should now be blue. Don’t worry about ADB Debugging, in the video mine is on, but you don’t have to activate this.

Step 4: Return to the home page. Scroll down to the Apps option, select it, and then look for the App titled ‘ES File Explorer‘. You may have to download this, simply choose the ‘Get’ option, and wait for the download to complete. It should only take a few seconds. Once downloaded, open ES File Explorer, and scroll down to the Downloader option and select it. In the box titled path, type the following URL:      and then click next. In the name box, type the work Kodi, and then press next.

Step 5: Kodi will now begin downloading to your firestick, this can take a few minutes but once completed, choose the install option. Another pop-up will appear, choose the Install option again.

Done!. Kodi is now installed on your Firestick…HOWEVER, you won’t be able to watch anything just yet, the next step is to Setup Kodi, which we have created a tutorial for. (We’re so kind ha!).

Click here for the next tutorial!!



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