Setting Up Kodi In Windows


Welcome Back!.

If you’ve arrived back here after the first tutorial, you’ll be glad to know that after these short steps, you’ll have all the latest Movies, TV Shows, BoxSets and Sports Events all FREE! from the comfort of your own home!.

This step is about providing you with the appropriate add-ons to allow you to view the content within them. We’ll cover Repositories and Add-Ons later, but for now think of Add-Ons as apps, and we need to install some apps so we can begin enjoying the content….Fair Enough? Well lets get started, and don’t forget the video above gives a step by step guide on this whole process.


  1. Open your newly installed version of Kodi. Once opened, Select System>File Manager.
  2. When File Manager opens, select the Add Source option from the Menu, and then click on the box labelled ‘None‘. When prompted, enter the following web address: and then click on done.
  3. When asked to enter a name for the media source, type ‘Fusion‘ (without the quotes) and then click OK
  4. Click on the Home icon to return to the home screen. Now choose system from the menu, and then choose settings
  5. Select Addon from the Menu, click on Install from Zip File, then click on the ‘Fusion’ option, then click on the Start Here option, and finally the Video Hub Wizard option. You must now wait for the ‘Add On Enabled‘ notification which will appear at the bottom of the screen. Once this appears, click on the Home option to return to the home menu.
  6. Now, click on the Programs option. Select the Config Wizard Option, since this is a Windows Installation, choose the Windows option. Click Yes. The download and installation process will take a few minutes. For the purposes of the tutorial, I have skipped this part on the video.
  7. Once you receive the Installation Complete Notification. click on OK…..And thats it!


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