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How To Setup Kodi on Amazon Firestick. (For Complete Novices Who Have No Clue Whatsoever)

Welcome Back!!…

Im assuming you’ve followed out first tutorial that guides you through the process of installing kodi on an Amazon Firestick?….If not, click here to go watch it and return here after you’ve finished. If you have, then lets move on…

Kodi is now setup on your Firestick, but thats only half the process really. Yes your setup, but you don’t have a ‘build’ just yet. Builds are collection of different repo’s and add-ons, if your not sure what these are, don’t worry about it, just think of them as buckets with loads of channels in.

There are countless builds available to choose from, some are large, small, device specific and others can be tailored to certain add-ons and some focus on a combination of them all, so which one to choose?

For this tutorial, we focus on the Wookie Build, which has many setups available within it, but we chose the ‘Wullies Build’, due to it being tailored towards Firestick use, but also because it has a good choice of reliable providers. You can always add your preferred builds later, but for now lets get one installed and start enjoying Kodi!


You can either watch the tutorial video, or follow the steps below, whichever is your preference…enough talking already!!.


Step1: Open your newly installed version of Kodi. When the home screen loads, select System from the Menu, and then select File Manager from the drop down. When it opens, click on the Add Source Option. In the box labeled none, type the following web address      then click Done. When asked to name the file, type in Wiz.

Step 2: Go back to the Home Menu, select System, then Settings. Now choose Add ons, then Install from zip file. Choose the WIZ option, then Click Me, Succumb to the Wookie option. You will now have to wait for the add on enabled notification. This can take a few minutes, so please be patient. You can return to the home screen whilst you wait.

Step3: Once enabled, from the menu choose Programs, then choose the Wookie option.

Step 4: Once Wookie opens, choose Community Builds. All of these builds are available, but for the tutorial, I used Wullies Build. So navigate down the options until you see ‘Wullies Build’, select it, then select Install. The build will now begin downloading and installing. Kodi may restart after completion.

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2 thoughts on “How To Setup Kodi on Amazon Firestick. (For Complete Novices Who Have No Clue Whatsoever)

  • Wookie? Really? Has that been upgraded? It was rubbish.

    • Hi Graham. Firstly, thank you so much for interacting with our website.

      We only chose Wookie more for the simplicity, although we found the build we used in the tutorial (Wullies Build), to be a really good build, and have had it installed in several firesticks ourselves for a number of months, and has just undergone yet another update. That being said, the MegaMind builds we found to be unreliable, poorly updated and frustratingly error laden. We will shortly be creating build specific Tutorials, as im sure your aware, there are so many to choose from and we want to ensure we choose a good top 5.

      What would you consider to be your top 5 builds?


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