The Parrot BeBop 2

Welcome to The Tech Soldiers Parrot Bebop 2 and Black Edition Sky Controller review

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive the Bebop 2 and Sky Controller from Parrot and hope you enjoy the review…

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The Drone

The first thing that I noticed is that the foam/polystyrene has for the most part, gone. It’s replaced by a sleek soft plastic which gives it a modern, futuristic design and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be hard to look better than the foam.

Next, the annoying battery issue is completely resolved. Gone is the fiddly battery connector and with it the ridiculous strap to hold the battery in, although the strap guides are still on the Bebop 2 but are completely unnecessary, as the new design delivers a satisfying click when slotted into place. Finally, the battery is claimed to give a 25 minute flight time, and if like me you had a Bebop 1 you will appreciate the improvement over a measly 7-9 minutes.

The GPS has reportedly been updated, and after the spate of fly-away’s with the Bebop 1, I’m relieved  it’s a thing of the past as there’s no more horrid feeling when flying a Drone and you watch helplessly as it flies away and isn’t responding to the controls or the RTH feature, or even heaven forbid, the Emergency Cut Out!.

Another improvement from the original design is the arms of the quadcopter are now a single solid structure as opposed to the thin double arm of the Bebop 1. The propellers are also noticeably bigger and it certainly looks like a different drone despite keeping many of Parrots characteristics.

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The Sky Controller.

I was actually taken aback when I first held the Sky Controller if only for the weight of it. It’s quite a large controller, and the neck strap provided with it is a welcome companion. You also receive the sun guard and tablet holder, and finally the Battery which conveniently fits the Drone too. Once you’ve had a play around with it and know how to adjust it properly, it becomes rather enjoyable using the Sky Controller. It’s certainly not compact but who cares?

I personally drive to wherever im going to fly and never stray far from the car anyway so I don’t buy in to the idea of it having to be compact, but if that’s your thing then prepare to be horrified lol.

The controls themselves are really comfortable, and the sticks extremely responsive. The Return to Home feature is simply a button click, as is for take-off and landing. There is also a control on the right hand side for the camera and allows you to move it around to suit your needs, something I really missed when using the phone with the Bebop 1.

Flying Time.

I averaged about 20 minutes flying time, and this was with a little aggressive flying and some tricks as well.

**Top Tip** I averaged about 20 minutes flying the drone, but given the battery for the drone and the controller are the same, I found that running the battery in the drone down to about 20% and then swapping over batteries, gave me another 20 minutes flying time. The Sky Controller doesn’t use much of the battery and so there’s no fear of it losing power but I’d stick to around the 20% mark when swapping over….




Pro’s and Con’s.


  • Battery fits better, looks better and gives a 25 minute flight time.
  • Propellers are bigger
  • GPS issue has been resolved, no more flyaway’s (hopefully)
  • Extremely fast, responsive and enjoyable to fly.



  • Camera still has some issues, especially when moving vertically due to light issues.
  • Limited to the 150m range.
  • Still has connection issues, but no more than other Drones.




I’m converted!. No it’s not as good as the DJI, and let’s face it every drones gets compared to them. But the truth is it’s not like a DJI at all. Yes the DJI camera is better, but the Bebop 2 looks so much better when flying!. The Sky Controller is a bit bulky, but I actually really like it and it felt extremely comfortable after a while.

I think the Bebop 2 deserves a solid 9 out of 10, and it only misses out due to the camera and the connection issues.


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