What Is Kodi Media Centre?

When I first heard about Kodi, I actually didn’t understand the concept at first. I’d dabbled with what I’d call ‘Sky Alternatives’ such as the Skybox FS5, (this still required you have a Sky Dish),  but was left without TV after my box stopped working halfway through a 1 year paid in advance subscription!!; and the ‘provider’ advised me to buy another box!!, yeah right!, and that’s when I heard about Kodi…

So what exactly is Kodi?

Kodi® Kodi® (formerly known as XBMC™) is an award-winning free and open source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Kodi runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.

It allows users to play and view most videos, music, podcasts, and other digital media files from local and network storage media and the internet. Our forums and Wiki are bursting with knowledge and help for the new user right up to the application developer. We also have helpful Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube pages.

 Source https://kodi.tv/about/


To me and you, it means Free TV!.

I like to think of it like this…

Most of us will have used Microsoft Windows at some point. You remember the Media Player? You could add your own libraries of Video’s and Music and watch/listen to them at your convenience?. Well imagine something similar, but some very nice people have already filled it up like a vending machine, row upon row of bright juicy Movies, TV Shows, Boxsets, Sports and much more!

But what’s the catch I hear you ask? How much does it cost?

Well…It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! That’s right, it costs nothing! It’s so versatile it can be installed on Windows, Linux, OS X, Android…

So yeah you get the idea..


Yes it works as a Music Player too and you can support a wide variety of file types!.


Yes you get Movies, lots of Movies!. It’s like Netflix but FREE!. New Movies, Old Movies, Classic Movies and all in a variety of video formats too!

You can easily navigate through the Movies. You can search for a particular Movie, Newly Released; Search by Actor, by Genre the list goes on and on! You can even add your favourite Movies to your Favourites folder and access in just a couple of clicks! (Yes we have a tutorial for that too here).


If (like me) you’ve loads of pictures in your Phone/Computer/USB, using Kodi, you can import all your images and view them on whatever you have Kodi installed on. You can even use them as your background image once you have Kodi Installed (We have a tutorial on how to do that here).

Add ons.

Something about Kodi you will need to learn to understand (it’s really easy, like anything else we walk you through it) is that it runs on behind the scenes magic called Add Ons.

I’ve thought of many analogy’s to explain add ons, and even after I’d dug a little deeper research wise, the explanation that make sense to me is that they are like Apps. Each ‘add-on’ may have a couple of channels, some may have a plethora!. Some are better than others, some aren’t even worth mentioning!.

I could reinvent the wheel and begin listing all the add-ons available for Kodi of which, some are recommended by Kodi, some aren’t. But the truth is, there already exists a fantastic website that guides through the process of installing these add-ons…

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this website. https://seo-michael.co.uk/

This guy has put A LOT of effort into his website, keeps it up to date and guides you step  by step throughout the entire process!.




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